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GTA 5 is the fourteenth game of the infamous Grand Theft Autos series that began back in 1997. Since then we have witnessed different games of the series that we can play on our computers, consoles, and even on our smartphones. This particular game can also be played on different consoles as well as on our smartphones, both iOS, and Android. However one would need a bit of help of in order to download the full game with the mod in a zip file. Developed by the Rockstar games, this particular edition of the series is a must play for everyone.

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GTA 5 APK For Mobile Game Storyline

The GTA 5 game has the biggest map of the Grand Theft Autos history where you will find urban areas of the Los Santos city followed by beaches, mountains, countryside area, deserts, and a lot of other things. The new game also contains a feature where you can control more than one character as there is an ability to control several characters. Players can switch to different characters any time instantly when there is an off-mission. The best thing about this particular game is that you can start to explore the map from the start. You will be free to roam around the beaches, mountains, countryside, or any other place that you want to go in the map without any restrictions.


The game contains 69 missions in total with different missions having different targets. Even the mission types vary according to the event as well where there is explosive, infiltration, invasion, hostage recovery, robberies, heists, and others. You will also find the classic GTA missions in this game as well. However, those classic missions will be updated and improved versions of what you would have played in the past making your overall experience of playing the GTA 5 game memorable. Some of the missions in GTA 5 will require one character only while some of the missions will require two characters while for some you will need three characters to clear the mission.

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The story of GTA 5 goes around when three robbers Michael, Trevor, and Brad are busy looting a bank’s assets when the police gatecrash the party. All the three robbers fled from the scene with Trevor believing that Michael has been killed in the failed robbery attempt. Nine years down the lane, Michael is living his life undercover where he meets Franklin Clinton who is working for a corrupt car salesman. Michael in this time finds out that his wife is sleeping with her tennis coach and he burns a mansion in which the coach ran. The mansion was of a drug lord who now wants compensation for it. this forces Michael to return to his crime life to pay off the debt. Trevor hears about all these things and surprises Michael after tracking down his home.

The Federal Investigation Bureau agent Steve contacts Michael to perform different operations to lessen the show of another agency i.e. International Affairs Agency. With the help of an old friend Lester, Michael attacks convoy carrying funds for the IAA and also steals a chemical weapon. Steve asks to remove any evidence against him from the servers of FIB and Michael takes advantage of it by removing his own data as well. once the data was removed, Michael along with Trevor, Lester, and Franklin plan to go for the most daring act that they have done and that was to rob the Union Depositary’s gold reserve. This is where everything revolves around in GTA 5 where they manage to complete the heist successfully without getting caught.

Grand Theft Auto is the collection of matches which gained lovers all around the world. It’s so popular, the folks, who aren’t interested in video games, know a thing or two regarding the cycle. No wonder people began to search for GTA 5 android.
But finding the working program is tough, and we have to keep in mind about obligations. Free GTA 5 on mobile devices was not possible to see until today. What is changed? Our website has converted the manufacturing and made it compatible with Android working system.
We have given you a crystal clear and quite simple to set up GTA 5 in your android that was made in secure surroundings, without the outside access to the world wide web. Due to this, you’re 100% sure to get a free and working of malware match. Discover more about the way to get GTA 5 APK download.

Grand Theft Auto V is just another installment of rather a popular series. This time we aren’t likely to personate Niko Belicthe same character in the GTA IV. The writers of GTA 5 apk chose to give us an option. Therefore there’s an option to command one of 3 personalities. The narrative can be completely different.

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Once more we’re back to Los Santos, the town we understand from GTA San Andreas and the representative of Los Angeles from actual life. In here, we’ll begin a brand-new experience, where we’ll follow the narrative of three separate personalities, whose fate will bring them together.
GTA 5 on Android is the chance you have been waiting for to get. From this moment you’re likely to delight in the creation on your own, with all attributes included and the entire story accessible.

In this guide, we’re likely to discuss GTA 5 and its Data document beside you via which you can readily play with GTA 5 apk in your Android cellphone. There’s not any requirement to root your telephone, as most people believe there’s not any chance to put in PC Games on Android without root access. After studying this entire tutorial, you will manage to set up and execute our loved GTA series game, i.e., Grand Theft Auto Five, on your mobile phone.

Can You Get Gta 5 In Mobile ?

After seeing a lot of attention of Android users towards GTA 5 apk, Rockstar has chosen to make this game potential to operate on Android OS. SO they’d developed and started GTA 5 Apk in beta version. Regardless of it, it is the Beta Model since it’s sufficient for us. There are great high-quality images in the game, but you only require a small excellent functionality phone to cover this match on it. Do not think it’s a standard game such as other Android Game that you normally downloads out of Play Store. You have to download GTA 5 Apk , and each of these needs nearly 3 GB storage on your cell phone. :-p Shocked? Perhaps! However, yes you should have to handle sufficient storage space in your Android, which is why I already explained try it on great performance telephone.

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How to Download and Install GTA 5 on Mobile ?

GTA 5 apk is available that will allow you to download and install the game on your mobile phones for free. You can download the GTA 5 apk file with the mod from any of the websites that you can get. If you are downloading the file on your PC then you will have to connect your phone to your computer to transfer the file. You can then copy the file in your phone and open it. once the file is opened you can then complete the installation process which will take a few minutes to get done.

Enable unknown sources on your mobile phone so that the installation process can complete smoothly. Once the installation process is complete, the Grand Theft Autos 5 icon will appear on your screen. Open the app after which you can download the data files and obb files in order to run the game properly after downloading it and extract file Now after extracting you have a folder with obb file(s). Put this folder into the location sdcard/Android/obb/ N1 Cache Data and sdcard/Android/data/ N2 Cache Data . The GTA 5 apk file will allow you to play the game for free on your Android phones that was not possible previously. Hence playing the game on a mobile phone has become a lot easier due to the presence of apk’s due to which you can get them for free.Get Shadow Blade APK also